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I was there yesterday as well, and simply loved this performance of "Jewels." I am so pleased that you wrote about Philip Neal. From his days in the corps until now, I've always enjoyed watching Philip. In the past few years he's
been especially terrific, and it seems like audiences are appreciating him more as well (good!).


I think Philip is at his peak now; it's unfortunate that he had to deal with a serious injury a few years ago but he came back and he's better than ever. I always like watching him and Wendy together.

And of course he & Kyra Nichols were one of the all-time great NYC Ballet partnerships. They were as exciting - in a very different way - as Jock & Wendy or Peter & Suzanne.


There must be something extra special about NYCB dancing "Jewels". Out of all the Balanchine pieces, I'd like to see this before I die.

I'm just glad that SF Ballet is doing "Jewels" Next year!


There are two schools of thought: one is that no Company dances JEWELS like NYCB and the other is that any other Company that does JEWELS is bound to be better than NYCB. I think it's sort of a "grass is greener" syndrome. I'm sure SFB's JEWELS will be beautiful.


I wish I had been there! I LOVE watching Ashley dance the Rubies role. I had the blessing of being there when she debuted and it was beyond electrifying!


I adore Jewels and was so excited to see Sara Mearns in her Diamonds debut last year. The casting for all three sections is just amazing and I literally never tire of seeing it. I saw the Kirov do Rubies earlier this spring and they were nowhere close to our own Megan Fairchild or Ashley Bouder. We are so lucky!!!


I like it that this year Ashley Bouder is alternating RUBIES and EMERALDS...

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