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The subjectivity of individual responses to works of art never ceases to amaze me. I have seen both Fancy Free and West Side Story Suite countless times and always enjoy them and consider both of them great dance creations. But then again, there are ballets that you love that I have never been able to appreciate. It's just the nature of things and no doubt a good thing too - if we all liked and hated the same ballets, operas, symphonies and plays, it would be a terribly conformist and dull world.


Janie (love her) was great this afternoon. I saw her in this ballet last week (I must be nuts but I really like The Dybbuk). I like Fancy Free (a lot), but I understand why you (and so many others) find it tedious. The men were, as you said, terrific! I did stay for West Side Story (although I've seen it so many times, including last week). I like it but it's disjointed. Andrew V. and Amar were outstanding (not crazy about Ben as "Tony". Robby did Tony last week and he was excellent). Still, it's time to retire this ballet for a while.


Philip, thank you for mentioning meeting my mom! She said it was lovely to meet you and I'm so glad she got out of her seat for it!

I've just finished my review of this program on my blog http://allwillknow.blogspot.com.

I have the West Side review too- as you know I love it!

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