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Thank you so much for this review! I'm here in Los Angeles until Tuesday on business (fun stuff) but I was unhappy about having to miss last night's
program. But after reading your review I , too, feel like I was at the NYS Theatre
on Thursday night.


Hi Deborah, I hope you're having a good time in LA and that you will have a chance to see this programme when you get back.


I am too tired/lazy to write my own review, but I wanted to echo what you said and add the following.

Rococo - Giovanni seemed off last night, somewhat tired. From my 4th row vantage point, he also seemed to be having trouble with one of his shoes.

Oltremare - without a doubt one of my new favorites. Andrew Veyette is INCREDIBLE! The whole cast is amazing and dances and flips and acts their hearts out. I especially loved Georgina P. and Tiler P. in their featured pas de deux with Jason Fowler and Amar respectively.

River of Light - Not my favorite. Good to see Ask dancing again and his one handed lifts were awesome.

The New Ratmansky - I liked it but since there was so much going on I feel like I need to see it again. I LOVED Joaquin and Gonzalo and Ashley's bits and found it to be very Robbins-esque with all of the community interaction and flirtation. I felt like it was a bit of an underuse of some of the other dancers. So much talent on that stage and so little of it was featured...

Great to see you (as always!).


Yes, I did think it odd that Ratmansky used such a classy group of dancers as his "corps" and then didn't give them real opportunities to shine...though they all seemed happy to have been cast in the work. I did not think it made anything like the impact RUSSIAN SEASONS did but it definitely must be seen more than once.


Hm, I just read Macaulay's orgamiscically positive review of the new Ratmansky (when is Macaulay NOT in love with him??) that I had to run back and read again what you had written about his new piece. I just can't trust what he says about Ratmansky anymore!


Macaulay was one of many people who thought the new Ratmansky was really exciting...I was glad I saw it a second time because I liked it more; and I have a third opportunity coming up.

I wasn't thrilled with RUSSIAN SEASONS at first but I continued to find more and more in it with repeated viewings. In both SEASONS & DSCH, Ratmansky's choice of music is a big plus.

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