That was worth the wait. I hope KMc or anyone from ABT reads this review and realized that the more people read about the ballet, the better is the chance of increasing the audience.


I'd like to be able to go more frequently but unless ABT finds a way to accommodate the bloggers I will be limited to five performances this season.
ABT doesn't seem to have an equivalent to NYCB's 4th Ring Society and oddly they do not even sell their top tier of side seats (which corresponds to the NY State Theatre's 5th Ring) because of the limited view. It IS a very steep angle but I sat there yesterday (to escape the school kids) and it was not so bad, really.


Great review! I feel like I was there, and I wish I was. :) Julie Kent is one of my favorites too, thankfully her performance as Medora is captured on ABT's DVD of Le Corsaire.

That's interesting they don't sell their top tier of side seats. I'm sure there's always someone willing to buy them for a discount price.


If you have that ABT CORSAIRE on DVD, hold onto it! It seems to be out-of-print.

I would think if someone was willing to sit in a limited-view seat they should be able to get it at the box office. Some folks migrated there anyway to get away from the school kids in the Family Circle.
Why not just sell them at a low price? I'd go often at $15 a pop...

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