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I was there last night too. I'm a big Robbin's fan; I adore Piano Pieces and Opus 19, and was thrilled by Les Noces. I truly can't wait to see Wendy (hooray!) today (mat) in Bukagu! I'm going to tomorrow as well.

ps love your review!


It was funny last night when we went backstage to see the singers that several people asked me if I was related to Jerome Robbins...

Deborah, I wish I could share you enthusiasm for PIANO PIECES!


I agree with you about Robbins - I was excited about the Robbins program that SF Ballet had this year, but a little disappointed the inconsistency of his pieces. Being new to Robbins, his "Night" was a bit boring, if I had a choice I would have loved to have seen his "Afternoon of a Faun" and his "The Goldberg Variations".

I'm glad to hear that Gonzalo Garcia is doing well in NY. Anyways, great review!


I was there last night too, and I think your rewiew is dead-on. I really enjoyed Piano Pieces but it did seem to mesh two ballets into one. Sara Mearns is lovely and she gets cast so frequently. One wonders when she will be promoted to Principal! Les Noces was unlike anything I have ever seen (or heard). That seems to be the theme among Robbins ballets. Never again will I voluntarily watch Watermill!!

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