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I agree with your comments about Rubies. I saw the same program this afternoon and they really seemed to struggle with making it jazzy and sassy the way our own NYCB dancers can do it. They just couldn't get the style. We are so spoiled by our fabulous NYCB dancers!!


For all that the choreographer and composer were both Russian, RUBIES always seems like a very 'American' ballet to me. And maybe only American dancers really 'get it'. The Kirov certainly executed all the steps perfectly but that little extra touch of swagger and boldness seemed to elude them.


An excellent, and detailed review, Philip.
I wasn't able to go to any of the Kirov's performances (although I've seen them in London), but your illuminating review
gives us a taste of what we missed (the pros and cons). Thanks!


I wish you could have caught at least one of their performances, Deborah, because they have some truly extraordinary dancers. Hopefully it won't be another 5 years before they return to NYC!


Philip, I'm so glad you were able to join me for the Balanchine program. I always enjoy your company and value your perspective. Although I'm sorry that you didn't get to see Lopatkina or Sarafanov the way it turned out I think you saw the performance of the weekend, perhaps of the season. I saw all 4 performances of this program and Tereshkina's Ballet Imperial was unmatched. As much as I loved Kondaurova (and will always love Lopatkina) ten years from now I think that's the performance that will remain the most vivid in my mind – she was perfect in every way.


Susan, along with 'discovering' Kondaurova and Osmolkina, Tereshkina's performances in RAYMONDA, PAQUITA and BALLET IMPERIAL were what really made me love the Kirov: her technical prowess and the sheer beauty of everything she does really overwhelmed me!

It's nice to have the souvenirs of Tereshkina on YouTube but nothing compares with watching her 'live'.

I do wish I'd seen Lopatkina - next time, for sure!

Thank you again...and I'll see you on the 30th at NYCB!


I'm just looking at my program and realizing Tereshkina is the one who blew me away in Serenade -- she's who made me love their interpretation of that ballet. I wish I would have seen her in Imperial.


Tonya, I hope the Kirov will come back to NYC soon...and meanwhile I'd like to wish that Tereshkina could be a guest at ABT. Of the Kirov ballerinas I saw, she made the most profound impression.


I'm going to wish for Tereshkina at ABT & Kondaurova at NYCB...fingers crossed!


Are Jared Angle and Amanda Hankes married? I thought she was married to a non-ballet dancer?


I need to fix that...no, Amanda and Jared aren't married to each other...thanks!

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