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Bravo NYCB! I took both of my sons
(now nearly 25 and nearly 17) to the NYCB for the first time at age 5. That seemed like a good time to start -- they understood that they needed to be quiet. I'm always shocked when I see very young children under 3 in the theater. I even saw a baby there last year! The baby kept crying too. It wasn't the baby's fault -- it was the parent' for being so clueless.


There have been too many performances interrupted by crying kids (and cell-phoning adults) in recent seasons. I hope this move by NYCB will help reduce the problem.


I think I remember this from the end of last season. I'm glad they're doing it too, but I wondered the same thing.


Hi Tonya,

Yes, Ariel said the policy started in December but some of the worst incidents were during January-February so it seems like maybe it's not being enforced. But then, I'm not sure how it COULD be enforced, really...

I mean, if an adult goes to the ticket window and buys four tickets to a performance is the window clerk supposed to say "You do realize that children under 5 are not allowed?"

Or if someone shows up with a toddler and they each have a ticket, is the ticket-taker supposed to stop them from entering the auditorium?


The Nutcracker is the worst. I understand it's a children's ballet and a family affair, but kids still need to learn that you don't talk during the performance; you must save your questions for afterwards! Anyway, bravo to NYCB for trying to correct the problem. Only a few days left until opening night!!!


I try to avoid matinees of NUTCRACKER; evening performances on weeknights usually don't have too may disruptions.


HAHA!!! That notice is AWESOME! Although I'm an advocate of children being exposed to the arts at a young age, there are certain performances they should NOT attend!


Hi Nic, I was just thinking about you because I'm listening to the Brahms ALTO RHAPSODY and thinking how nice you would sound in this music.

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