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And Hindley and Brady were the models for the Parents in the Met's new production of "Hansel and Gretel." (The Witch was also based on some notorious child murderess.) Explain that to your kids!


LOL...yes, I meant to mention that in my entry. Didn't Roz Plowright look just like the 'blonde' mugshot of Hindley?

In the film when Longford goes to the prison to meet Myra for the first time, he looks for a blonde woman and is surprised to find she's a brunette. She tells Longford that her lawyers felt the peroxide look gave her an air of depravity and would work against her at the trial.

Francesca Sandys

Just joining in on the appreciation of the astonishing Lindsay Duncan. She is one of those actresses who never seem to give a duff performance. I've recently hugely enjoyed her sharp and witty reading of Katherine Mansfield stories on a downloadable audiobook, got from a site called silksoundbooks.com. That ability of hers to be arch and dry whilst remaining so sexy comes across superbly in these stories which I didn't know about before. Not a Longford link, but it's vintage Duncan.


Hi Francesca, thanks for the info about Lindsay Duncan's reading of the Mansfield stories...I will check it out.

Yes, Duncan is just plain fascinating and I love that she maintains her sex appeal as time goes by. She provided one of the most brilliant aspects of the TV series ROME which has elements of soap opera, costume drama and history lesson all in one.

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