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What a treat to read this, Philip.
Thank you for writing it! Love the photos too! A wonderful and informative post.


Thanks, Deborah...I had fun digging thru my old pictures and programs to put this item togther.


What a rare opportunity to have seen Suzanne Farrell and all these other famous dancers in their heyday, in ballets that were made for them. That's a lovely photo of Farrell and Martins. This entry was a fun read, thanks!


Thank you, Jolene...I have some other photos from that period of time that I wanted to add here but my scanner is malfunctioning!


Looking at films of Martins he seems not only aloof but prissy, I don't like his dancing much.

On the other hand boy could Kay Mazzo MOVE she was amazing I like her more than the Farrell.


He never struck me as prissy but I seem to recall a story about Balanchine making fun of Peter's dancing.


Somewhat aloof and seemingly detached at times, yes, but "prissy" - never! Peter Martins was without question one of the greatest male dancers of his generation. With all due respect to Nikolaj Hubbe, Peter's Apollo remains for me the gold standard for that role. And there were many other roles, such as Diamonds and the Merry Widow segment of Vienna Waltzes, on which he put his indelible stamp.


In my early ballet-going days, I thought Peter and Ted Kivitt of ABT were the most exciting male dancers.

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