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I have this vhs tape and have always loved this pas de deux. However, I know nothing about it. It almost seems as if the girl dies at the end. She becomes almost lifeless in his arms. Does anyone know the details? Kent and Hill are just gorgeous in this. She has a vulnerabilty that's touching.


Hi Perky, I am hoping some of the ABT fans who read my blog will tell us more about the whole ballet from which this pas de deux is taken. Apparently it was a very big success when it premiered.

Yes, the woman does appear to be dying at the end of the duet; I really wonder what the context is??

Hill's partnering is just stunning, especially the way he 'flips' Julie twice in mid-air.

Julie Kent is one of a handful of ABT dancers who can lure me to the Met; I'm very much looking forward to her appearancs in OTHER DANCES at NYCB this spring/summer. She is an extraordinary dancer and presence.


I'm one of Julie Kent's fans as well - when ABT came to Berkeley last year, her brief part in "Fancy Free" was my favorite female performance of the night. She has this quality that looks like she literally glows.

Just curious, is it more expensive or harder to get tickets for ABT? Or are you talking about the time and resources it takes to go see ABT, in addition to the other shows that you watch?

Great blog!!


Hi Jolene,

Thanks for your comment, and I am very happy to have a link to your 'West Coast' blog!

ABT is a somewhat more expensive proposition than NY City Ballet. City Ballet offers the 4th Ring Society which I joined ten years ago when I moved to NYC. You pay a very reasonable annual membership fee and that gets you half-price seats (two per show) in the 4th Ring for as many performances as you want to see. Thanks to corporate sponsorship, the full-price 4th Ring tickets have been $20 (!) for the past couple of years so basically as a member you can go for $10 per performance. ABT has nothing comparable.

But my main problem with ABT is that the Met is just so enormous that I never feel really connected to the dancing there, no matter where I sit. And also I am not a big fan of the full-length classical ballets in general. So between the ticket cost and the distancing effect of the big house, I hardly ever go. Which is too bad because I love Julie, and Gillian Murphy, Marcelo Gomes, David Hallberg, Carreno, Corella, Cornejo, Stella Abrera, Craig Salstein and Jared Matthews. And I'm sure I'd like everyone else who dances there if I went with more frequency.

ABT's City Center rep always attracts me but that's such a dodgy venue and the prices are just out of my reach.

For now, the NYCB rep, dancers and ticket prices really suit me ideally. And this past Winter I had the extraordinary good fortune to be placed on their press list. Still, I wouldn't give up my membership. I love watching from "above"...and besides, all the hardcore fans are upstairs!

Now I'm going to go read your blog!

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