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Thanks for such a great review... I also thoroughly enjoyed last night's performances (especially the Wheeldon) and I so wish it was someone like you sitting near me rather than the overly loud and critical people I suffered through during intermission.


Hi Stitches...what sort of criticisms did people seem to have?


The criticisms were definitely not of the technical type… Mostly loud, catty, name-dropping types who obviously attend the ballet often… Remarks such as, "I hate Le Baiser de la Fée, it starts out like the peasant dance from Giselle and ends like Star Wars"… I've attended NYCB for 25+ years and these types sometimes amuse me but mostly annoy me because of the disservice they do to the Art.


Has a reason been given Joaquin De Luz's continued absence? I love his dancing and miss seeing him perform.


Yes, Stitches, I hear such comments all the time...I'm learning to tune them out.

Peter, I believe Joaquin has a pretty serious back injury and is working towards recovery.

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