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Nikolaj is amazing, isn't he? He set Bournonville's ballet "Napoli" on us 2 years ago at Ballet Academy East and he was just so fun to work with! He has an incredible energy.

I also had Margaret as a teacher (whom you say he mentioned) and it's fun to think of them dancing together...I would love to have seen that had I been here in those years.

Thanks for posting about this Philip. It's nice to experience something I wish I had gone to through your account of it!


I wish you could have been there, Taylor. Nikolaj really loves teaching!

He has expansive plans for the Royal Danish and talked about how they will have three different venues to work in, each conducive to different types of ballets.


Hi Phillip. Thanks for sharing that interview. I had been wondering who was going to be cast in Watermill this spring! Nikolaj's ardent, nuanced dancing will be missed.


Hi Perky...would the idea of seeing Nikolaj in WATERMILL lure you to NYC?


That and Mozartiana make it very tempting. I'm also trying to save for a trip to Italy next year! Help!


Okie Dokie, my friend Philip... I've posted my review of our Nikolaj experience last night!



Perky, if I win the lottery I will finance both trips for you!

Sarah, thanks for the link and also for the pleasure of your company.

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