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What a bummer. Although I don't know his work other than Russian Seasons, he would have been a great addition to NYCB.


At least he has committed to two more ballets at NYCB in the future.

I still want to hear you sing RUSSIAN SEASONS sometime...


For the short list, how about Jorma Elo and Mauro Bigonzetti, to start? I know you will also want to add Edwaard Liang to that list.


I'll do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, they went dozens of years without one, I think they should keep themselves open to possibilities of numerous choreographers, some of whom Bob's already listed.


I want Edwaard to keep dancing!


haha, I was going to mention the first one on Bob's list, but that may drive a good many people, including Joan Acocella and Gia Kourlas to suicide... I like him :) too bad about Ratmansky though.


LOL...of course I suppose it is possible they simply won't have a resident choreographer for a while.

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