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sophie b

I notice you underlined Takehiro Ueyama in the last program shot - Take now has his own company which though very young and still small is fabulous. He's a great choreographer & dancer and all his dancers are wonderful. A friend of my family (Jill Echo, also a Taylor alum) is his asst. director as well as one of his dancers. If you're interested, their website is www.takedanceny.com

sophie b

ps. a number of Taylor dancers guest with Take, including Orion!


That's very interesting, and thanks for the link...I assume that the dancers who appear with Takehiro's group still remain on the Taylor roster as well?

sophie b

Yes, they're still on the Taylor roster.

Glad you're interested!


Sophie, I was just reading Finis Jhung's undated interview with Takehiro in which Take states he will be leaving Taylor "at the end of the year"...do you know if Takehiro will appear with the Taylor Company at City Center in the present season?

Getting ready to see the Taylor Company again after a decade I was looking thru some of my diaries from the trips to Jacob's Pillow and came upon a hilarious description of Take dancing to "I Am Woman!"; I especially remember that afternoon as one of the best Taylor experiences ever...and I remember Take coming out onto the lawn after the performance and being so kind to everyone who went up to talk to him.
I, of course, was too shy to step up!

Yes, I'm very interested in Take's Company...I have the Miller Theatre dates down already.

I've been kicking myself for missing a decade of Companies like Taylor and Parsons but now I can start to make up for lost time.

Please keep me posted with any info about Take Dance that you want to share...you can always comment here or email me:

Thanks, Sophie!

sophie b

Take isn't with Taylor anymore, but he does perform with his own company.

Great story about Jacob's Pillow! :)

I'm so glad you're interested in the Miller Theatre season! I saw an early rehearsal last month of the new piece that will be premiering there and loved it - I can't wait to see it in its entirety.

I will definitely keep you posted with any information I hear about them, and you can also friend 'Take dance' on facebook.


Hi Sophie, I sent Take a 'friend request' on Facebook. He has some fantastic photos there. I can't wait to see their rep at the Miller!

I added a link to The TAKE Dance site on my blog and I will be writing more about them as the May performances get closer.


PS: Are you related to former NYC Ballet dancer Victoria Bromberg? Just curious...

sophie b

There are some fantastic photos on there - one of my favorites is one of Take in a one-handed handstand sort of thing (I'm sure there's a technical term for it that I don't know).

I'm so glad you added the link and I'm excited to hear that you're going to post about and see them! I've never (in my 17 years, hah) had a firsthand experience of seeing a small company like this develop, so I feel like I want to tell everyone about them!

I didn't even know there was a Bromberg in NYC ballet! I am not, as far as I know, related to her, though I suppose it's possible...


Take replied to my Facebook request. Now I'm really curious to see them perform.
I should stop at the Miller in the next day or two and see about getting tickets.


I was a young dancer still in training at the Minnesota Dance Theater and must have been very beautiful at 18 because I met and captured the notice of a young Christopher Gillis at a party on a cold night in Mpls where the company was in residence for a period of time. I was just coming out in a time of lingering oppression and the sense of liberation that dancing gave me with its heightened sense of sexuality and physicality was thrilling. Initially I was enthralled with the chance encounter and didn't expect more than the initial hello. But he kept returning to me and we settled into a comfortable conversation of mild flirtation with the commonality of dance between us. He insisted that I should come to New York and study there and his offer to guide me where it was best to learn. Only strange details remain of a diet of only salad as he was concerned with gaining-what a pound? and that he swam at the university pool everyday.
But what truly endures was a tenderness that was imprinted upon me.
I never went to New York and I stopped dancing soon after. I never saw him or heard from him again nor he from me. And my life moved on and out west.
I only learned he had died years after the fact.
Yet while I have at times regretted and wondered about those possibilities lost by not going to New York nothing has dispersed the afterglow whenever I recall him.

I know this is posted years out but...thought maybe you can appreciate it and the nostalgia attached.


Thank you for sharing this truly moving story. Christopher Gillis was a beautiful and unique dancer, and you are fortunate to have this wonderful memory of him.

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