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What a tear jerker!

I was crying from the beginning of Apollo til the end of the curtain call with only intermission breaks. They should have handed out tissues at the start of the program.

I took some "illegal" pictures and posted them along with a review of my own...


Great to see you and Wei!


What an emotional afternoon - I could have used some of those tissues that Sarah referred to. It turned out to be one of the most memorable of City Ballet farewells. There were too many high points to mention them all but if one were going to put together a highlight film, one would have to include the brilliance of Nikolaj in Apollo, matched by his three muses, the absolutely delicious Flower Festival in Genzano pas de deux performed by Katie Morgan and David Prottas (yes, by all means keep it in the repertory), the exceptional chemistry between Nikolaj and Yvonne in Zakouskie, the fireworks set off on stage by a sexy Maria and ebullient Nikolaj in Western Symphony, and perhaps most memorable of all, the emotional farewells on stage at the end between Nikolaj and his principal ballerinas, in particular Yvonne Borree, whose tears and hugs and kisses told it all.


I agree that this was not only one of the most emotional performances I've ever attended at NYCB but also there was a heck of a lot of SPECTACULAR dancing. That APOLLO set a standard that is going to take a miracle to surpass.

Kyle Froman

Just FYI...I took the Mozartiana rehearsal shot, not Paul.


Hi Kyle, sorry about that! I have changed in the credit in the blog entry. It's a wonderful photo by the way.


amazing review, thank you very much for that!


Hi Cathy, wish you could have been there!

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