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You and Wei should take a train down there and see them perform! You could even make a little vacation out of it!


It's a nice idea but my friend Susan was telling me about how expensive it is to take the train to DC. I'll just wait and plan to see Janie in SERENADE the next time they revive it in NYC.

You probably don't know this about me but I am a typical Cancer - I love staying home...or close to home!


Philip, if the urge does come back to go to DC, consider taking a Greyhound bus. From previous trips to DC, I've rationalized the decision that it's cheaper than the train, slightly more expensive than the Chinatown buses but a great deal cleaner and safer! (Greyhound also has online deals too.) I've had good luck with Priceline in getting ludicrously cheap hotels in DC too and then there are the crabcakes. Mmmm...


Actually, my former girlfriend (!) lives there and we could probably stay with her but Wednesdays are our busiest teaching day.


What? Do you mean you haven't heard of the 24 hour flu? (It has commonly been observed to coincide with sports events that occur during daylight hours.)


Oh yes, I've had many cases of the 24 hour flu over the years but when you are self-employed it isn't as easy to take a day off. No work, no pay.


I live close to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center where the NYC Ballet is in residence every July. What a treasure. I remember seeing Kyle and his brother dance and we used to try to determine who was who. Is Kyle's brother currently dancing?


Yes, I met Kurt at the Jock Soto documentary showing; he has been dancing on Broadway since leaving NYC Ballet. They do look an awful lot alike (he was with Kyle when I met him).

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