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Phillip I'm so glad you hade fun! Baiser De La Fee is such an unusual Balanchine ballet. It has hints of darkness that weave in and out of the dance. A sort of romantic foreboding. This is one of those Balanchine ballets that always gets me so emotional. That catagory also includes Davidsbundlertanze and Serenade. Whoever used to call Balanchine "dry and unemotional" was a complete idiot. The man felt things deeply and put that feeling out on stage. He just didn't beat you over the head with it.

Broken Promise is a ballet I've never seen. Has it been back in repetory at all?


Perky, I love the way that continued viewings of Balanchine's 'unemotional' works can be so revealing. BAISER gets better and deeper every time you see it.

No, BROKEN PROMISE has not been seen again nor has Ben Millepied's DOUBLE ARIA which debuted on the same programme as Albert's work. They seem to have been disposable gala bon bons but I loved them both.


Okie Dokie. I have just posted my LONGEST REVIEW EVER!!!


What a night!

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