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I can deal with children misbehaving. What bugs me is when parents don't deal with it appropriately. I'm with that patron who spoke up. In public especially, a parent needs to remove a child if necessary. In a grocery store I once saw a child about 4 years old spit on her elderly father, and he pretended like it wasn't happening. (I would have left my groceries and cart and taken that child straight home to her room for the rest of the day.)


Oh, I agree it is not really the children's fault. They are just being kids and don't realize that the performance means something to the people who have paid to see it. It is the thoughtlessness of the parents who simply do not care if their children disrupt a whole theatre-full of paying customers.

I hate to think what would have happened if I had ever spit on my father when I was little.


I was at last night's performance and I agree with Philip! It's not the kids fault it is the parent's fault. At any rate, it was a gorgeous performance and I really enjoy reading the Blog! Thanks so much for posting!


Oh! I have what might be a rather stupid question re: Serenade last night. At the very beginning, one girl moved her arms way early - was that a mistake, or is it supposed to start with one girl moving first and then the rest following????


I didn't notice it but if someone moved her arm early it was probably a mistake. Some of the girls listed in the programme were replaced and it might have been a SERENADE newbie. If she screwed up she probably got yelled at.


She moved her arm WAY EARLY. I really think it was a mistake. It was glaringly obvious.


She was in the front row and couldn't tell that nobody else was moving their arms...


Well, the ballet masters will undoubtedly give her a good talking-to but I'm sure her own mortification is punishment enough. I admit to being distracted by Faye Arthurs throughout much of the opening sequence which is why I missed the gaffe.


Poor Adrian! How did he bloody his knee?


The ballet calls for him to repeatedly land on his knee and it simply started to bleed thru his tights. Same thing happened to Benjamin Millepied a couple years ago. I once saw a COPPELIA where Alexandra Ansanelli had a nosebleed during Act I. She had some Kleenex stashed in her decolletage and kept subtly using them. I think hardly anyone noticed.


When I went to the dress rehearsal of the Wheeldon piece, Adrian asked Wheeldon very early on if he could skip the knee landings because he was in a lot of pain and save it for the performances. Wheeldon, naturally, obliged, but Adrian was in obvious pain then and it's sad to hear that pain continued. I was there at the Millepied performance where he bled through his tights and it was seriously disturbing!

Sorry to hear about the children chattering away, it appears to me that the State Theatre is a bit lax on the age range or perhaps there's not an age range to begin with?!?!?!?

I saw the Valentine's (or as I think it should be called, the Raymond to Depression program today) and I'll have a review up sometime tomorrow.

Until then, good evening Philip!


Sarah, I do not think there is any age restriction at NYC Ballet or any of our cultural institutions. A few days ago a man came into the NYS Theatre lobby with a tiny baby in his arms and presented one ticket to the ticket-taker. The ticket-taker advised him he could not bring the baby in without a separate ticket. The man said 'but I'm going to hold him on my lap' to which the ticket-taker replied 'everyone must have a ticket to enter'. So the man went to the box office, bought another ticket and took his baby in.

Two things about this: first, babies are likely to cry at any time and disrupt the performance; and secondly, this has been a terrible cold/flu season and I could not imagine wishing to bring a small baby into a theatre full of coughing, runny-nosed adults.

It just seems to me that so many people these days are totally thoughtless, inconsiderate and self-absorbed.


If you look closely at this photograph, you can see that Adrian's right knee is bleeding (at the premiere): http://www.nycballet.com/news/frc/wk6/pic2.html


Ouch! Should we all chip in and buy him some knee pads?

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