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Hi Phillip,

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and Wei.
Davidsbundlertanze is a ballet that really hits me in an emotional way. Maybe it makes me think of my own mortality or perhaps it's realizing that love isn't strong enough to conquer some demons. Whatever it is, I always get that tightening in my chest and then the tears flow at the end.
Does this ballet effect Wei the same way as you? When we were in New York several years ago my husband was with me at a performance of Davidsbundlertanze, after about ten minutes he started to shift around in his seat. He then progressed to yawning. I swear to God if I was strong enough I would have pitched him over the 4th ring railing! At the end I'm moved beyond words and crying and he's thrilled that the ballet has finally ended. This is the one Balanchine ballet we disagree on.


Lovely review. Nightingale gave me the chills. The opening solo for Wendy, with the birds chirping and the dimmed lighting, is breathtaking. Until last night, I was never really a fan of Davidsbundlertanze. But I was so moved by the Schumann music (and it was played so well!), and Sara Mearns was incredible in the role that "belongs" to Kyra Nichols, that I can now say I really enjoy and appreciate that ballet. The final image was so poignant and heartbreaking. I agree with you on the sets, though - that backdrop is hideous.


Hi Perky! Yes, Wei does like DAVIDSBUNDLERTANZE but several people around us were getting antsy and I noticed folks were leaving midway thru. It's such a refined ballet and not to everyone's liking. I was thinking that the final image is probably the most moving in all of Balanchine's works.

Evan, the more I think about Sara Mearns in that role the more beautiful it seemed. Even though I would never for a moment forget Kyra, Sara has already - in a single performance - created her own unforgettable images.

DAVIDSBUNDLERTANZE is unlike anything else in the repertoire but I do think the setting needs revision. It simply has too many elements (ballroom, spooky funereal chandeliers, seashore, vision of heaven) and the rosy colours of the backdrop deter from the overall tone. The white draperies are wonderful and I would keep them and discard everything else...and move the piano. The women's costumes are fine but the men's look tired. If they can 'update' JEWELS, they can update this.


Off topic post: Sofiane Sylve has resurfaced as a guest artist at the San Francisco ballet!



Yes, I had heard that Sylve was heading Out West...thanks for the links, Dustpuppy!


Okie Dokie... my review of Sunday's matinee of this program is up on my blog...



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