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I was there at Sunday's matinee and I thought that Double Feature was great fun, the music was glorious, the dancers displayed some wonderful other dimensions of themselves, and I loved it! Would I go to see it again? Well, maybe not this week. But next season? Absolutely! And yes, as great as all the dancers were, in the end the dog did get top honors.


The dog didn't get a credit in the program but his trainer did.


I feel somewhat the same about Double Feature. While it's fun seeing the company try on different styles, I'd prefer my new pieces with less hamming it up and more dancing.

That being said, Peter et al are getting much better at advertising these types of ballet and it brings new people into the building, and I'm all for that!

I'm missing Double Feature this season and I'm okay with it. If I get it next season, I'll go, but I won't seek out additional opportunities...


Wei enjoyed it more than I did. Actually my only real problem with seeing it again is that certain scenes in both ballets are just too long.



While I evidently like Double Feature much more than you do, I agree with your main point - that a ballet such as Double Feature (and the way the company has marketed it)is in fact bringing new people into the building. I introduced several people to New York City Ballet this season by inviting or persuading them to see Double Feature and all of them absolutely loved it AND plan to go back to see other programs at NYCB.


I saw Double Feature for the first time Saturday night. It's definitely a family friendly affair (and definitely better than previous combinations of Goldberg Variations with Carnival of the Animals). Other Fourth Ring society people were also raving how they really enjoyed the open rehearsal so here is additional evidence that this ballet is great for "outreach". It straddles all ages from the very young to the young at heart. The music, the storyline, the staging, the pacing, and of course the dancing (especially with the young SAB student's solo in the Blue Necklace) definitely makes it easily accessible.

NYCB has pulled of quite a coup with the Nutcracker during the winter, A Midsummer Night's Dream in the summer, and I could easily imagine Double Feature becoming a sort of warhorse/calling card.


In a perverse way, I am glad to have the present run of DOUBLE FEATURE because it gives me a little break from performances. Since I go 3 or 4 times a week during the regular rep this solid block of DF gives me a chance to relax and reflect...and to gear up for my WALKURE at the Met this Saturday afternoon.

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