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I do hope more people will have a chance to experience this incredible voice. I was so stunned when I heard the review of 1972 concert, just released on CD. I knew nothing of Patricia Brooks and once I heard her voice I was spellbound. And for the ballet fans (readers of Philip’s blog), she was also a ballerina, what a great combination: a soprano who was a ballet dancer. And, what a loss not to have more recordings of her incredible voice, because of her illness. Thank you Philip for great photographs from your archives and wonderful remembrance of Patricia Brooks.


Hi Janusz, thanks for the message. It's odd that even though I only spoke to her a few times almost 40 years ago I can still vividly remember her speaking voice.

David R. Richie, II

I sang in the chorus of a Traviata with her in 1972 in Philadalphia. Her Act II scene (where Alfredo finds her writing the letter) was unique. She was, in space of about just a few seconds, surprised, worried, confused, playful, thoughtful, and finally heartbreaking. I have never since seen a Violetta convey all those complex emotions. You knew exactly what she was going through.


Hi David, thanks for the comment. It must have been a unique experience to be on stage with her.

judy thompson fifield

As a young girl, Patricia Brooks and her famiy spent a summer in Santa Fe where she performed for the Santa Fe Opera. The Opera rented the house next door where she lived. She was so much fun - running through the sprinklers with us, going horseback riding, swimming at the pool at the Santa Fe Opera. Jonathan and Andrew were preschool age - adorable young children. I fondly remember watching her practice and listening to her sing. Such fond memories that I will never forget. I will definitely order her CD - to listen to her marvelous voice once again.


Judy, thank you so much for this personal recollection of Patricia.


Thanks Judy. I was just listening to Brook's most beautiful rendition of the Queen of Sheba in Handel's Solomon (on the RCA label, which is one of her very very few studio recordings.) I didn't realize that VAI had released the 1971 recital CD until now. I've just ordered it and can't wait! She was such a wonderful artist. I loved reading your stories and seeing the snapshots!

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