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Obie my homie, you wrote your review already, yo???

Karoui should tone it down...he should chill a lil, yo...

That little kid/harlequin mock-playing the lute, yo...he RULED wit da jumps, didn't he, yo?



Hi Sarah, I'm sorry I missed you but we will meet up at the 27th for Daniel's first PRODIGAL. I'm trying to see if I can get some other bloggers to gather someplace that day since EVERYONE is going! I had lost your e-mail address by the way but have just found it jotted down on a notepad so I'll put you in my address book.

Some other readers have e-mailed me that they were 'shocked' that I've started to say nice things about the R & J production. Perhaps I will reverse my opinion later but now I at least feel 'safe' going to see it once in a while.

My next challenge is DOUBLE FEATURE which I have avoided seeing til now. I would be tempted to pass on it again but I can't go a whole week without seeing the Company!


Well, I just want to say that I for one totally agree with you about R & J. I think that with many of Martins' ballets, your first impression is not all that positive but with repeated viewings, you find that you appreciate them more and more. I feel that he is really an underrated choreographer and that at some future time, perhaps when he is gone, there is going to be a reassessment of his work and that critics will give him much higher marks for his choreographic accomplishments. R & J is a good case in point. I have seen it five times now (three times last season, including a dress rehearsal, once at Saratoga and now once this season - on Saturday) and the more I see it, the more I like it. On Saturday, I even began to appreciate Act II (when due to the story line, there is very little real dancing). I certainly prefer Martins' version to the interminably dull Macmillan version that ABT does. On Saturday, the leads were danced by Kathryn Morgan and Sean Suozzi and everything you said about Erica and Allen could be applied to Katie and Sean. They did not just "play" Juliet and Romeo - they WERE Juliet and Romeo. At times, they simply took my breath away and brought me close to tears. When you see Katie Morgan's Juliet, you can understand what Jock Soto was talking about when he cited her as one of those very special dancers who have that "magic" and "soul" that set them apart from the rest and which simply cannot be taught. The theater was quite full on Saturday and Katie and Sean received a thunderous ovation at their curtain call. Tyler Angle (as Tybalt) and Andrew Veyette (as Mercutio) also excelled.

Give Double Feature a chance. I loved the music and thought the ballet was a delight when I saw it a few years ago. I'm going again on Feb. 3. I will also be there for the Danny Ulbricht "Prodigal" debut on the 27th. We also get to see Abi in Square Dance that day and Sterling, Sara, Rebecca and Ashley in Four Seasons. How is that for an all-star lineup!


Katie Morgan is on my list to be my next Juliet! I wish I could go tomorrow might but I have opera at the Met.


I cried twice during pas de deux from Romeo+Juliet with Katie and Sean.
Katie IS Juliet.
Clive Barnes says she can dance, but can't act which is a remark magnificent only in its idiocy and wrongheadedness.
Maybe Clive snoozed.


It's interesting how people view the different dancers in this ballet. When I saw Sterling Hyltin & Rob Farchild I thought they couldn't be beat and then I saw Erica & Allen and thought the same thing. I look forward to catching Kathryn in the next revival. It seems to me that these young dancers don't really act; they are just themselves...in which case Katie would undoubtedly be a lovely Juliet.

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