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I too wish I could take up residence in the NYS theatre. :-(
Just to let you know, Gina Paz. is doing the Anita track in West Side Story Suite- and according to Elaine (old friend and piano soloist at NYCB) she can really sing!


I have an aerobed that would fit pretty easily into the patron's lounge and we could stay forever!

This season is heartbreakingly wonderful... I wish I could keep it going!


I concur with all of you - this season has really been extraordinary (and there is so much more to come!). That is a great idea about pairing Danny and Tess in Midsummer Night's Dream (and I'm sure Peter has already had the same idea). Did you note the surprise addition to the Hubbe farewell program?


Yes, the Hubbe event is really turning into a 'gala'!!


Danny U. is soooo cute!!!


He's got an awful of of fans.


I just printed out the Spring Schedule and I think I am going to be bankrupt. The "MUST" list is Damien's retirement, "Here and Now", "Then and There", "Definitive Chopin", "Baroque to Jazz", "Seasons" and "Bach to Glass".

Then there's also Jewels and so much more.

Do you think I can find a benefactor to endow my attendance?


Yes, the Spring season is sounding pretty exciting...and we still have the best 3 weeks of Winter season ahead.

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