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Did Darci dye her hair darker?


Hi Perky,

When the curtain went up on VALSE TRISTE I thought there had had been an unannounced cast change because this lovely brunette was seated on the floor. But it was Darci. I kind of like the darker look...what do you think?

She has SERENADE coming up so that should be interesting because I've always associated her hair with that ballet!


The dark hair is a bit jarring, but Darci is a beautiful woman no matter the bair color.


Yes, it will take some getting used to but she really is striking.


I just noticed her hair while looking up photos on her and her daughter. Yeah, it looks obvious she dyed her hair! I like her with the blonde - it just suits her!
Here's some links-scroll down to see on the first link...It just isn't the same Darci!!




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