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Phillip that was the best post you've ever written. Really top-notch. Thanks!


I'm hoping you are able to get an idea of what the new ballet is like, Perky. Thank you so much for being a faithful reader - I wish you were going to be here this Sunday when we have our bloggers & friends meet-up at NYC Ballet!

I know how fond you are of the NYCB dancers; you would have been so thrilled to see them in this unusual work. Hope you'll get a chance one of these days...


I'll be there is spirit Phillip. Have a blast everyone!


We'll send you some pictures!


I second what Perky said, your description of "Oltremere" is so dead on. I'm jealous of both you and Tonya who write of dance so illustratively. My review, as always, was unintelligent lackluster prose!


Ariel, you wrote what you felt. That's all any of us can do: watch and report. The more you watch, the more you will see and the more you will have to say about it. So just keep watching! And writing!


Philip, I now worship Gina P. Tonight she was an absolute star- in Oltremare and in Russian Seasons. She carried this evening, along with Tiler, who was so lovely in "Paris" and then amazingly haunting in Oltremare. I really was moved and completely transported by this ballet. Everyone was so absolutely committed to their characters. Maria- wow! And I also loved the humming. I really felt like Gina's role is a principle role in this.. She anchors the longing for me. I would really like to see this ballet again. This was my first American in Paris and Russian Seasons... I found Paris to be delightful, and loved Damien and Tiler's dancing- I wished that Sara's role had more to do, but she was lucious. I enjoyed Russian Seasons, but was still being haunted by Oltremare, so I feel like I have to view this one again as well. (hopefully with Gina again!)I was very frustrated with the fact that the paper slip announced Gina but not Glenn... I really enjoyed watching Glenn Keenan and was proud of myself for identifying her by face. You inspire me Philip!
See you sunday!


Sandi, people have been noticing Gina Pazcoguin for the past couple of years but having her in these two roles on the same night (plus as the street-walker in AMERICAN IN PARIS!)is a great opportunity for her to show her range and the power of both her dancing and her personality.

OLTREMARE stays in your mind for a long time; I will be looking forward to seeing it again on 2/23. The music is incredible.

See you on Sunday!

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