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I love to look at old NYCB programs, I have a few but I bet not nearly as many as you! It's fun to look at the soloist and corps roster and see the names of those who advanced on to principal status, Lourdes Lopes, Kyra Nichols, Danny Duell, and Stephanie Saland, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.


I've seen Jewels several times, but the time that sticks out most in my mind is the most recent - when I got the chance to see Ashley Bouder's premiere in Rubies. Oh my goodness- THAT was an amazing performance!

Will I see you tomorrow at the Matinee?


Hi Perky: Yes, I have saved the cast page of every ballet, opera, concert and recital I ever attended. About 500 of them are City Ballet. And I loved every second of it...even ballets I didn't like are fondly recalled because of the dancers who were in them.

Sarah, the great thing about City Ballet is the variety of interpretations of a given piece and how each generation of dancers keeps coming up with remarkable things like Bouder's RUBIES.

I won't be at the matinee Sunday but it now looks like I will be at the film on Monday.


I will see you on Monday then!

Looking extremely forward to the documentary on Jock Soto (my first NYCB love!) and loved the coverage in the NY Times this morning about the documentary and Sean Suozi and Ellen Bar's retelling of Opus Jazz on film.


Sarah, allow a few extra minutes to enjoy the new look of the lobby and watch the videos...I ended up watching them twice thru the other day. The lobby could become my favorite Lincoln Center hang-out place. And the dancers are always coming & going to rehearsals. Katie Morgan came by while I was there.


i can't believe judith fugate was in the corps of all three that night!! talk about HARD!


Ah, Judith Fugate!! I saw her once as Beauty in MA MERE L'OYE...talk about type-casting! She was also a delightful Swanhilda.


What an interesting story! I gasped when I read that Weiss had to go on last-minute with no rehearsal! How dramatic! How exciting! I saw Jewels on Friday, January 4 and it was amazing. I am looking forward to seeing Sara Mearns debut in Diamonds!! Can't be missed!


Having Sara in DIAMONDS is an indication, I think, that she is destined to be our next principal.


If Sara is next, I would guess that Teresa Reichlen might not be too far behind, and Tiler and Ana Sophia are probably next in line. But injuries and other factors can always alter the natural course of events.


Tess will undoubtedly become a principal, but they need really tall men to partner her in the 'prima' roles. Of course, letting William Lin-Yee walk out the door was about the stupidest thing they've done. We can't have tall women unless we have tall men, and he was such a promising dancer & partner.

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