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This is so weird, just this morning I was laying in bed wondering where Sofiane was. From interviews I've read about her she seems to prefer to dance dramatic story ballets. The relentess performance schedule of NYCB takes its toll as well. Her mature womanly presence and of course her glorious technique will be missed.


How interesting! I thought it somewhat unusual that she did not do any Nutcracker performances at all. Hopefully she has found a new home where she will be artistically fulfilled!


I seem to remember an interview in which she said she was not crazy about living in NYC and preferred the pace of things in Europe.


Oh NOOO!!!

Sad times. I guess whatever makes her happy, but it will be a loss for NYCB.

John W

She is now with San Francisco Ballet


Yes, she danced with SFB when they came to NY City Center this past Autumn.

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