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A wonderful night and I'm so glad you could join me! I have just blogged about the experience myself so instead of leaving a long comment, here's a link....


Can't wait to do it again!


Sarah, thank you for inviting me...he really covered a lot of interesting topics. And what a seductive voice!


Facal is a hottie!


That's for sure!


Browsing around on the net, I came upon your article about Faycal Karoui.
The company I work for is one of the patrons of the Orchestre de Pau of which Faycal is the Conductor (when you are not borrowing him from us!).
For the last two years, the Club Concert'O which is the patrons' club has set up a (very amateur) choir of 200 people. Last June, we had the honour to sing various Verdi Arias during the final concert of the season, and this year, we are participating in the Orchestral version of West Side Story.
Its such a privilege and joy to sing under the direction of Faycal Karoui. We have been practising since January with our choir master, and we had the first rehearsal with Faycal on Tuesday. When we started, it was pretty awful but by the end of the evening, things were almost in place. He is so charismatic - you just have to give your best !
Tonight we rehearse with the full orchestra - its so exciting.
We perform on Saturday, once again for the final concert of the season.
He has promised to stay with our Orchestra for a few more years - he will be difficult to follow.


Hi Anne, thanks for your story about working with Faycal...he so clearly loved music and loves sharing it both with musicians and audience.


Hi Philip,
Thought I would tell you about our concert last Saturday.
The first part was Berlioz's 'Symphonie Fantastique' which the orchestra played incredibly well, led by Faycal in his usual spectacular way.
Then our turn came - The arranger had combined various instrumental themes of WSS with our four songs : Somewhere, Maria, Tonight and America.
Let's say, we did our best!!
I was interested it what you wrote about Fay├žal's tempo choices because he decided to play America REALLY fast. Most of our choir members are not native English speakers and so it was quite hard. Imagine a French person, singing at top speed 'Chromium steel in America, Wire spoke wheel in America, etc", trying to pronounce it with a Portorican accent!!
But that's what is so great about Faycal : he is prepared to play with people like us and ENJOY it. He came to have a drink with us after the concert and he said he had had a good time.


Here is the link to an article about our concert (in French) :

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