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Now, is this the ghost of La Divina before or after she lost all that weight and her voice?! Haha.


Obviously it is the glam Callas; there are of course varying opinions as to when she lost her voice. In general I put it at 1956-57 and the weight loss as the greatest factor - that, and abusing the chest and full-scale attacks on notes in-alt. There are random moments after 1957 which were OK but overall the voice became pretty unbearable by then.

Erika looks to be portraying the mid-50s Callas. By the time Callas appeared at the Juilliard Masterclasses in the 70s she had taken on a more school-teacherish look. I went to one of those Classes and it was very interesting. She demonstrated the scale passages from the final rondo of CENERENTOLA for one of the students. Every note was crystal clear but the voice was ghostly in its lack of resonance.

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