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My initial experience of Emeralds was very similar to yours. When I first started seeing Jewels, back in the 70s, I found it "pretty" but uninteresting. It was something I had to sit through to get to the parts I really liked - Rubies and Diamonds. There were a few occasions when I actually dozed off during it. From an aesthetic perspective, it was at the time simply too subtle for me. But with the passage of time and some growth in balletic sophistication, I increasingly came to recognize and appreciate what a true "gem" it was. I'm not quite ready to say that I prefer it to Rubies and Diamonds but I now look forward to it as much as the other two - its elegance, romance, and complex beauty do indeed "linger in the mind" long after I see it.


I think EMERALDS is something we appreciate more as we grow older; it's very pure and the music has a real glow to it. When I was younger I preferred the more extroverted RUBIES; I still like it but the 'new' set is a turn-off for me. DIAMONDS, of course, is a whole other world!

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