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Haha -- something YOU'RE not very good at! Have you ever met so many shy people :) I'm really glad though that I'm not the only one ... I now realize the more someone writes on their blog, the more shy they tend to be in person :)

That was so fun. But, ugh, first Wei will not let you stay out with us and now he's booting you off the computer!!! The nerve!

I am ten years old, so I'm still all giggles that Danny Tidwell said hi to me and David Hallberg shook my hand...

Anyway, growing up a bit -- yes, I felt the same way you did -- I liked two pieces and some of the third. I'll look forward to your review.

PS: I'm really glad you came because I am far far far more socially awkward than you! Very very cool of Cedar Lake for organizing this!


Wei doesn't care if I stay out late...it's me - typical Cancerian - who can't wait to get home to him.

The computer glitch was pretty serious and it's taking me a while to get things back on track.

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