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This is an interesting situation because NYC Ballet seems reluctant to share video of its performances.


My impression is they will just be short excepts from the various ballets - both rehearsal and performance - so potential ticket buyers can get an idea of the music and style of each piece.

I had suggested to Kristin that another interesting idea might be to have short filmed biographies of each of the principal dancers on the NYCB website. There could be class, rehearsal and performance clips and either mini-interviews or narration.

I wonder if NYCB will follow Peter Gelb's lead at the Met and start showing actual performances "live" on plasma screens in the lobby? In recent weeks I have watched parts of the dress rehearsal of LUCIA, and parts of ROMEO & JULIETTE and WAR & PEACE in the opera house lobby. When there's no performance onstage, they show an ever-changing series of scenes from current and past productions.

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