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It's very easy these days to feel like there is no hope for humanity. So much violence, intolerance, and hatred can grind down a persons spirit. What gives me hope is the little acts of kindness I see people doing for others every day. They don't make the headlines like the bad things do, but they do give me hope. Just the simple act of smiling at a stranger or standing up for what you believe in with dignity and grace can make all the difference in the world. And the fact that humans have produced ballet, opera and art to feed our souls proves we have the potential to be great. My greatest wish is an end to suffering, violence and intolerance in the world. I won't give that up!! Thanks for bringing the topic up Phillip. Happy and Peaceful New Year to you and Wei.



No, I don't want to give up either although it is discouraging. You are right that art, music, and dance compensate us for the bleakness of the world and show us what we are capable of.

One of my favorite moments in film comes in HOWARD'S END when Vanessa Redgrave, seated at a dinner party, says: "I have always thought that if we could bring the mothers of the world together, we would have an end to war."

You are right, Perky, about the small acts of kindness which can make a difference in our daily lives. It could be something as insignificant as giving someone stranded at the turnstile a free swipe of your Metrocard or of taking the time to greet your neighbors who don't speak the same language as you.

Have a wonderful New Year, Perky!

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