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Thanks for the report! So happy to hear that Megan's debut was such a success. I've always known she was something special since I sat in the back of rehearsals my freshman year at NCSA. Megan was a senior, and I was fascinated with her dancing. I got the chance to partner with her for a few days when I was thrown into Bayadare, but my arms were about the size of hers at the time and I was so weak I could barely partner. Ah, the fun part of being a 14 year old ballet dancer.

Also so happy to hear about Anna. We went through Studio Company together and I've been ecstatic to see how well she has done at NYCB. I'm gonna head to my first Nutcracker in a few weeks! Perhaps I'll see you there?


Hello M! Craig had also told me to watch for Megan a few years ago but at the time she was not dancing due to injury. It's good that she persevered and that City Ballet kept her on the roster because now it is really paying off. Wei and I both really like her a lot.


I am so happy to hear that Megan's debut went well!! I am set to see her perform the role next week - casting is already announced - and I am so excited about it! Thanks for the update!


Hi Laura,

Yes, I noticed they have given Megan a couple more Dewdrops over the next two weeks. I think you will really enjoy her performance. When the repertory season starts, hopefully she will get some new ballets.

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