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Thanks for the post about this book! I had never heard of it before. I'm a fan of George Platt Lynes photographs and always wanted to read more about him.


Hi Perky,

I'm really enjoying this book which has lots of biographical detail about its three subjects. I was familiar with their work but not with the personalities behind it or the influences which led them on their particular paths.


There is now a link in the above story to the Alibris site which is where where I bought my copy. I buy many of my books from them; they have great prices and are very reliable.


I've never heard of it before either, and I'm a fan of Paul Cadmus. I didn't know Kirstein married his sister!!!


Tonya, there is SO MUCH about Lincoln Kirstein that I didn't know...such as, I knew or simply understood that he was gay and that he had gotten married, but I never realized his wife was the sister of Paul Cadmus. I guess I always sort of thought Lincoln was one of those men from that era who married because it was 'expected' and also it served as a cover-up for his true sexuality. But it was more complicated than that. And it seems to have been a pretty good marriage...as marriages go!


that's so fascinating about kirstein's venice trip!


Kristin, I love reading about the links between Diaghilev and NYC Ballet...it all seemed pre-destined!

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