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I think "Crimes and Misdemeanors" is Allen's greatest film, which is saying something. Although I'd have to say that the bittersweet "The Purple Rose of Cairo" is probably my favorite. It's a magnificent fantasy and in many ways sums up that "I'm just so lonely" sentiment better than "Crimes." That final scene of Mia Farrow sitting in the movie theater, watching Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair dancing away, crying and laughing at the same time - magic!

Great line from the film: "I met a wonderful man tonight. He's fictional, but you can't have everything."

Allen also has said that of all his movies "Purple Rose" came closest to what he had intended to make.


Yes, PURPLE ROSE is really a masterpiece too and I have a big soft spot for Mia Farrow, ever since she played Allison MacKenzie of PEYTON PLACE. She's always reminded me a bit of my sister.

Have you seen WIDOW'S PEAK?


I saw WIDOW'S PEAK ages ago.

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