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Amen - it was a great evening! One of the best gala programs in many years. Kudos to Peter Martins not only for his new ballet but for putting together a marvelous tribute to Lincoln Kirstein.


Thank you so much for sharing! It sounds like the season is off to a great start. Only five more weeks until winter rep begins...


Haha, I'm just now reading this (waited until finishing mine to read anyone else's) and we basically said the same thing about Martins! Except I'd like to see it more than once :) I'm so sad about Kristin and didn't notice that until you told me; I'm sure she'll still be doing a lot for the company in a different capacity though until her injury heals when she can go back to dancing. Maybe it was even just a misprint?


Wei thought the Martins was very entertaining and that the three boys were spectacular.

Kristin unfortunately is no longer listed on the website roster. It's really too bad; she's such a beautiful dancer and she's been thru so much.


hi there,

thanks for the comments. i am now working with NYCB as their New Media Director.

i started last week - unfortunately I've been too busy to write something about it on the winger! i will soon though, i'm very excited :)



We will all sorely miss Kristin's dancing but based on what she did with R & J, I would have to say that this new position of Kristin's bodes very well not only for her but especially for NYCB.


Sorry I didn't see you and Wei there! I did manager to catch Kristin, which was great. She looked amazing! I enjoyed the evening very much! I did enjoy Megan's Rose Adagio, but did think to myself "I wish Ashley were dancing this".... I loved her and the guys in Grazioso- what amazing dancing from all! I thought Gonzalo made quite a wonderful debut on the state theatre stage.
Here's to a great season!


It's going to be really exciting to see what Kristin comes up with in her new role; if the ROMEO & JULIET films are any indication, we should be having lots to talk about as her future projects materialize.

In his introduction to Kyle Froman's book IN THE WINGS, Peter Martins talks about the Company as a family and how Kyle's status as a fellow dancer gave him opportunities to really give us the inside story that a 'professional' photographer/writer could never attain. Kristin will be working from the same frame of reference since all these dancers we love so much are her friends.

Kristin's new venture, Kyle's book and the Bar/Suozzi OPUS JAZZ project are great opportunities for us - the fans - to see new facets of the dancers lives and work.

Sandi, I wish we'd seen you at the Gala...there was such a crush on the Promenade. We came down looking for people we knew but it was so jammed we retreated to 4th Ring which is where we met Tonya and also Bob A. I was hoping to see Rhona as well. We met Jim Mattimore also, and Susan was sitting a few seats back and she & I exchanged NUTCRACKER casting thoughts. She was planning to go this Friday; maybe she'll let us know how it is.

If GRAZIOSO stays in the repertoire, I hope Megan Fairchild eventually gets a shot at it. Ashley was super, though...and the boys were really terrific.


I forgot to say two things- I love reading your reviews, and also< I'm moving to your hood, neighbor!


Sandi, when are you moving up here to Inwood?




I would like to buy the picture of the Garland Waltz with the kids posing. How can I purchase this?


That photo is actually from the late 1990s. You could try writing to the Company photographer, Paul Kolnik, c/o New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center Plaza, NY NY 10023 and asking if he has prints available for sale.

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