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I rarely get to see NYCB dancers anywhere but on stage so it was a special treat for me last year when NYCB was in Chicago. We were walking through the crowded lobby on the way out after the performance when who should be standing right in front of me but Albert Evans! I grabbed my husband's arm so hard he actually yelped. Albert is as handsome in person as he is in pictures. And no, I didn't talk to him. I'm way too chicken.


Albert is the nicest guy...he was at Tower once when I worked there, looking for some music to choreograph. He was so friendly. Later, he used the music of one of my Tower co-workers, Matt Fuerst, for his ballet BROKEN PROMISE.


Albert is incredibly nice and friendly. My wife and I recently met him on an elevator (we were on our way up to observe classes at SAB) and we introduced ourselves and told him we were big fans and he could not have been more gracious and appreciative.

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