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Philip, thanks for always being so interested in what's going on with me and my career. As you know, I had a bit of a rough start with visa problems. Everything is now taken care of & I was back in rehearsal for Elektra this morning at 10am. We still have 4 weeks left so there's not too much to report yet. I'm singing The First Maid. The music is pretty difficult and the words are so important that they have to be so precise and clear which is something I'm continuing to work on in the German language.
As soon as I have a costume fitting & we get on stage I'll write more!


The maids scene in ELEKTRA always gives me the creeps...those women are so mean to Elektra and then they beat up on the 5th Maid when she dares to take a sympathetic position. You are right about the words and the tricky musical entrances...and it is a very important scene because it sets the tone of the whole opera.

Send me a costume photo later if you have time!

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