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Kyle and Andrew make a handsome couple don't they?
This book is number 1 on a list I gave to my husband as possible Christmas presents. And you are right Phillip, we fans do love to see the backstage and candid photos. When you see these lovely dancers on stage they almost seem like celestial creatures visiting us lowly earthlings to give us a glimpse of heaven for a few hours. Seeing in the photos how much dedication, work and sometimes pain it takes to create that effect on stage only makes me love these dancers more.


Hi Perky,

I thought of you as I was reading Kyle's book last night
because his partner in the SQUARE DANCE they were working on is one of our favorite dancers, Pauline Golbin.

Hope your Christmas wish-list comes true!


Philip... So glad you got the book.

Can you guess which picture is my favorite?!?!?

LOVE the book. Kyle is such a generous and wonderful person and it's fantastic that he's had this opportunity to publish his gorgeous photos.

I love the behind-the-scenes look at the NYCB day, and am so glad it captures a time in NYCB history that I am so in love with!


Sarah...let me guess...it would have to be...Seth Orza??


Am I that easy to read??!?!?


I'm still in mourning over his departure, and the pictures were salt in the wounds! (They're pretty lovely though).


LOL...and did you notice Mrs. Orza on page 73 along with the beauteous Sara Mearns?


So excited that my birthday is in a little over three weeks! Now I know what to ask for! :-)


Sandi, I know you are going to love this book...I understand Kyle will be having a signing at Barnes & Noble on November 25.

Kyle Froman

I appreciate all the comments on this wonderful site. Just to let everyone know, my book signing was moved to Monday, November 26th. It's going to be in Lincoln Center, just before the tree-lighting, at five o' clock. I hope everyone can make it. I look forward to meeting my readers!
A very proud author,
Kyle Froman


Kyle, I noticed at The Winger that the date had been changed. Do you know exactly where at Lincoln Center we will find you on the 26th?

Kyle Froman

It looks like the signing table will be "adjacent to the Wedgwood ornament and book sale kiosk." More info can be found at www.lincolncenter.org.


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