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I haven't seen the movie...but somehow having your hair cut off in public seems like a small price to pay for being a Nazi-sympathizer/collaborator. Doesn't it?


I think getting your hair hacked off in front of a very furious audience screaming nasty words at you might be quite degrading...and of course they were slapped around and otherwise mauled by their 'handlers', not knowing how far the crowd might go in revenge.

Actually, in the film, Ellis is briefly detained as a collaborator and has a huge bucket of excrement dumped on her before she is rescued. In her case, she was sleeping with Muntze to get information for the resistance; the fact that she enjoyed it and developed a real affection for him is another complex aspect of the film.


Philip, I'm not a movie person but I think I may try to rent this one. It sounds very interesting esp because I'm in Berlin. There's so much history here and it's hard to see at times because the city is SO modern.


Hi, Nicole...both Wei & I thought this was a great film.

I hope your rehearsals are going well!

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