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And here I thought that I was the only one who loved CHICHESTER PSALMS so much. The Bernstein score is beautiful and I agree that it was one of Martins' best choregraphic efforts. Maybe we need to start a petition to have the company revive it.


A few years ago I wrote to Peter and asked to see a specific ballet again. I was shocked a year or two later when it was revived...even though it was probably planned before I wrote my letter.

I think it's a good idea to write to NYCB from time to time and suggest revivals. Maybe if enough people request a specific ballet, they will think about bringing it back.

It would also be fun if the Company would take a survey - perhaps at their website - and ask people what ballets they would like to see again. The repertory index is huge but includes many ballets seen only for a season or two and largely forgotten.


From time to time in the past, I have suggested certain revivals on the "Comments" section of my subscription renewal form. But I don't recall anything ever coming of that (except by accident). Your "survey on the website" idea is a good one. Perhaps if many of us individually made that request to the company, they might listen. It's worth a try.


I sent an e-mail via the website suggesting a survey; if anyone else wants to join in, the contact is:


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