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That singer is so strikingly beautiful (in the picture above). I have seen her picture in that dress everywhere -- on the sides of buses, midtown billboards -- all over the place. Makes me really want to see that opera. Did you see any of it? I wish ballet had the same type of advertising power...


Natalie Dessay is known for her intense portrayals. She used to be one of the great high-flying coloraturas but she went thru a vocal crisis and did not sing for a while. She has come back in slightly modified repertoire - giving up her highest roles like Zerbinetta and Olympia. I have not heard her in the theatre for a few years, and I have heard varying reports of her current vocal state. The Met has huge plans for her over the next 2-3 years.


Yes, Dessay has always claimed that she's a dramatic soprano stuck with a coloratura's voice. I'm sure she's a lot happier with her more recent vocal incarnation.

It is too bad Costello is singing with Massis. Those who have heard him rehearsing Edgardo with Dessay (Giordani only arrived in town fairly recently) say that he's really quite stunning. But sitting through Massis might not be worth it!


I'm not familiar with the Massis voice, but I am considering going to the performance based on everything I have heard about Stephen Costello. He has several clips at YouTube.

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