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Martina Hingis was my favorite player when she was on top. She played with finesse and intelligence. Unfortunately her style of play is overpowered by the big girls now. Not that there is anything wrong with that, tennis like everything else evolves, but I still miss that style of play.
Isn't it funny how people seem to like one Williams sister over the other? Venus has always left me cold, although I believe she has more talent then Serena. Serena is more exciting to watch. She is emotional which adds a unpredictable element to her game. I also rather like those outlandish outfits she wears on the court sometimes. Not that I think they are attractive!! Ugg!!, I just like the fact that she marches to her own drum, stylewise.


Oh Perky, I didn't know you were a tennis fan too!

I didn't like Hingis when she was on top because she was so cocky but later when things were less easy for her I thought she became more interesting...I'm not quite sure why!

For me it is a lot more fun to watch Venus with her big, athletic game rather than Serena who can be so stolid at times.


oh, watching US open these days made me miss tennis so much! I used to play it until I ran out of time due to ballet schedule... If only I had time to play it again!


Hi Cathy - I guess one has to concentrate on dance if you have the talent, and that would eliminate risky things like playing tennis where you might get injured. Both careers are short, though...they were commenting on Carlos Moya at 32 like he was an old man. Ballet dancers usually begin to think about stopping around 40-45.

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