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I like your last paragraph. I'm not a big opera fan, but I know how famous he was; I can see how he must have had that ability to speak to so many people with his voice.

There's a discussion at the Foot in Mouth blog about who, if anyone, could act as this kind of "ambassador to the people" from the world of dance. Apollinaire's taking nominations and comments and is going to publish them later this week. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone had to say. I don't know if there really is an equivalent in the dance world, though of course I wish there was. What do you think?


Why, Wendy Whelan of course!!


Pavarotti is one of the few old-timers I wish I'd seen live more. As it is I only saw him once, as Calaf. This was that unfortunate run when supernumeraries had to, quite literally, carry him around the stage because he was unable to. Sony recorded that run of the opera (with Eaglen and Hong rounding out the cast, and Jimmy in the pit), but it has been held back. I think at Pavarotti's own insistence. I must say my memories of his performance that night aren't so bad that he wouldn't want this set released. But I did, standing up there in Family Circle, wish that I got to see him when he was younger. As Rodolfo more than anyone else.


I wonder if that TURANDOT will now be released...


"Italianate sunshine..." What a beautiful way to describe Pav's voice. His ease and smooth phrasing do remind me of basking in the Tuscan sun and looking at beautiful fields of sunflowers. What a gift to the world. Thank goodness we have all of these recordings to keep that true joy of singing alive. Thanks again for lunch yesterday -- I had a ball as always! -- Erika


Erika, we managed to miss the rainstorm yesterday...


Yes, thank goodness!

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