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This is AMAZING news!! Lisette is singing the first two performances, WOW! All the best to her. I really wish I could be there. Sounds like another season of people filling in for their colleagues. Go get em, Lisette!


This sounds great; can't wait to see it next Saturday! And I'll be listening to the opening night on Sirius on Tuesday. FIGARO is my favorite opera and this cast looks good. Was Philippe Jordan doing his usual Baryshnikov impersonation on the podium? He always danced around and waved his arms like a traffic cop on a case full of Red Bull when I've seen him. I wouldn't want to be the person sitting behind him, or anywhere near him - lest he poke my eye out.


We actually did not watch the conductor that much because we were busy watching Lisette & Erwin & Hei-Kyung...

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