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Thanks so much for posting this! I love your Blog - it's nice to find people who love ballet as much as you do! Can't wait for the season to start!


Long-time-no-post, but I promise I've been checking in regularly!

Thanks for the pictures, lovely lovely! I am so excited for Morphoses. I bumped into Mr. Wheeldon walking down Broadway before he headed to London and we had a lovely chat. His enthusiasm is contagious and I just can't wait to see some of my favorite dancers on stage in a new (albeit somewhat familiar) context!


Hi Laura, thank you for the message...once the ballet season gets going I will be writing a lot.

And Sarah...how was your summer? It's nice to see your name here again.


Thanks for posting this! After reading your posts about Morphoses, I had to go and get a ticket for the 18th, even though, at this point, I don't even know if I'll be in town. I wish Chris would post some on the Winger- but I guess his time is quite filled up right now.. ;-)


I've been looking at the slideshow again - such great pictures. I imagine Christopher is working 24/7 getting ready for the debut performances at City Center.



My summer was fantastic, thank you for asking. From what I read on the blog, yours was too! I watched the U.S. Open far more diligently this year because of you and developed quite a crush on Novack Djokovic because of it!

I am greatly looking forward to City Center and I'm heading to Columbia's Miller Theatre on Thursday to check out the new choreography there as well. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!


Hi Sarah, I wanted to go to the Miller but this is a busy week...please be sure to let me know what you thought about the rep and dancers!


The slide show is beautiful! I am so excited for Morphoses at city center. I'm also heading to Columbia this weekend (on Saturday night) to see the new choreography at Miller, featuring a handful of NYCB dancers! I'll try to share some thoughts on it.


I hope you will find time to leave a comment about the Miller Theatre performance here, Evan.

Sophie B

Thanks for the slideshow link, the pictures are gorgeous. Can't wait until the opening!!!


I know, Sophie...this waiting game is killing me! At least we get to turn the calendar to October this weekend!

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