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On no, don't get me started on shoes!

I always pay attention to what female dancers wear on their feet because I have such problems with mine. After seeing Fancy Free and asking around about Julie Kent's shoes, people were mortified that I'd gone to the ballet only to look at shoes. I wasn't! Her shoes just looked the easiest to dance in for someone with an enormous arch and long toes, with their tango toe, and shoe top that extended up to the middle of the foot preventing toes slipping out when pointed. Her shoes also had a very flexible toe that allowed for good pointing (in constrast to Paloma's) and a low heel easy to dance on.

These shoes look pretty good too -- I especially like the tango toe (I mean, it IS tango, so makes sense :) ), but I wonder if they're ideal for pointing since the shoe tops don't extend far up the dancers' feet, only covering the toes. hmmm. Can you find out where they got these? Also, could you possibly find out where Julie got hers? :) (Maybe Craig or Matt will know?)


We can go backstage after the performance on Wednesday - we're supposed to meet Nicole - and you can ask the Parsons dancers all about their shoes.




Tonya, I'm looking forward to meeting you! Philip, are you excited??? I am although I don't want it to go by too fast. It's my last week in NY until March. :-(


Oh yes, I kept singing "Yo soy Maria" all during my hike this morning.

You do have some really good roles in Berlin this season, Nic...


Yo soy Maria is a catchy tune. I have great roles this season & I'm very excited but I will miss NY

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