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A great review of A History of Violence. I loved that film and have thought about it a lot and discussed it on many occasions with friends who saw it. I thought I had plumbed the depths of the film's multi-layered themes but you contributed new insights for me - thanks!


I think the thing about a really fine movie is that we each find different elements in it that we can relate to.


I have a true confession to make; I walked out of this film. I think it was one of those situations where the reviews had hyped it up so much for me, and perhaps I wasn't in the mood for what I was seeing, but I just remember looking around to my friends with utter confusion at what we were seeing. My dad has always told me that he thinks Cronnenberg (spelling, sorry) is more interesting to discuss afterwards than to watch, and perhaps this is true. Either way, your well written review has led me to add it to my Netflix and give it another chance ;-) I'm thinking of heading to "Eastern Promises" soon. If nothing else, at least there's a little nudity.


Hello M,

I am not sure at what point you walked out but I should say that it took a while for the movie to really register with me also. In fact for the first 20 minutes or so it was not really holding my interest all that strongly. It was in fact the son's story that gave the film meaning for me.

I am looking forward to 'Eastern Promises'...

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