Haha, thanks -- I was just thinking how horrendously boring August is with no ballet!


Yes, this is such a long break until November...and LATE November at that. Luckily we have Morphoses to look forward to in mid-October. But even that is quite far away.


Philip, did you see that Morphoses is scheduled to present the pdd from After the Rain at Fall for Dance? Also Damien will be doing Suite of Dances and the Kirov is down for Ratmansky's Middle Duet. I know you don't like the seating at City Center (who does?) but do you think you could be tempted? You know I'll be there!


Hey hey, Philip! Not LATE November....because ABT starts in late OCTOBER ;-) Although I know it's not your favorite.


Susan, when is Fall for Dance? It sure does sound tempting!

Well, Matt, every year we talk about going to ABT at City Center but we never do even though we now personally know TWO dancers from the Company.

I think if ABT had something like the NYCB's 4th Ring Society we might go more often.


I too cannot stand the seating at City Center (my wife refuses to go because no matter where she sits, she can't see) but I will probably go in to see at least one of the ABT programs and possibly the Pennsylvania Ballet in November. When is Morphoses going to be there?

Does anyone know anything about Gonzalo Garcia, the new principal dancer at NYCB? I understand he did guest at NYCB (in Ballo Della Regina) back in 2004 during the Balanchine centennial and received excellent critical notices but I have never seen him perform and know only what I read in the NYCB press release and what I discovered on a few other websites. Since he has been working with Helgi Tomasson for his entire professional career to date, he should not have too much trouble adjusting to the NYCB style and aesthetic. An interesting new dancer to watch for in the Winter Season! By the way, the Winter Season schedule is now posted on the NYCB website and there are some exciting programs to look forward to (and I was happy to discover that the Hubbe farewell program is on my Sunday subscription series).


Bob, I agree City Center is not a great place to view dance.

I remember Gonzalo Garcia guesting at NYCB and I remember enjoying his performance but I need to see him dance again to recall what he was like.

The last 'import' NYCB brought in, Robert Tewsley, was one of my favorite dancers of all time and he only stayed a couple of seasons. Hopefully Garcia will stay around for a while.


Philip, the FFD festival runs from 9/26 - 10/6. Tickets go on sale on 9/9, and since all seats are $10 they generally sell out within hours. There's also the Martha Graham company at the Joyce in September but I'm guessing that you're not a fan...

M, As much as I hate the seating at CC and the high ticket prices ABT charges there, I've already bought my tickets - hope you're back to full strength by then!

Bob, Gonzalo Garcia really stood out to me when SF Ballet was at the State Theatre recently. I recall that cause I wasn't really crazy about the company, but I thought he was a very beautiful dancer. From what I remember he was something of a virtuoso but smooth rather than flashy. I'm glad we'll have the chance to see a lot of him in NY from now on!


Susan & Philip, thanks for the additional info on Gonzalo Garcia. With Nikolaj Hubbe's departure next February and Damian Woetzel's retirement probably not far behind, it's a smart move on Peter Martins' part to reinforce the male principal ranks.


I miss James Fayette (sigh). I saw Garcia dance Ballo Della Regina at NYCB when he guested, but like you I can't remember very much about it.


Yes, Perky...James was such a great presence onstage. I'll never forget his performances in SERENADE and DANCES AT A GATHERING.

Which of the current male soloists have the potential to become principals? Craig Hall, for sure; though he is not a virtuoso he is becoming a very impressive partner and he looks great onstage. Lots of star-power there.

And Antonio Carmena, who IS a virtuoso. Sean Suozzi is a remarkable dancer, and Adam Hendrickson, one of the strongest personalities in the Company and a really fine actor to boot.


Ticket prices for everything are so ridiculous now....grrrr. I wish I could just comp EVERYONE! haha. Thanks for the well wishes Susan. I too am hoping to be back in full strength by then. One day at a time. It's a slow process but I'm happy to even be in class at all right now! Check out my full site redesign. Took wayyyyy too long!

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